Comeback Kid and Continued Success

Comeback KidEveryone likes a comeback kid. It’s a euphemism for someone who had a bad period of time and then exceeded and performed at a level they had onetime achieved. Many people reach levels of success and during their next season or year for some reason fail to repeat that same success. Some call it a sophomore jinx, but it really can happen at any time during a career. But it doesn’t always pertain to a sports analogy that most people think of. There are times that people do whatever it takes to succeed at something. They understand their competition, study what they need to do, stick to it, no matter what, and develop habits that allow them to succeed. This can happen to baseball players, football quarterbacks, and basketball players. Their success may be because their competition doesn’t understand their techniques and skills and they, in a way, succeed because of their skills have not developed a pattern that is easily recognizable. This can also happen to business owners, business and product developers as well. Anyone can be a comeback kid.

Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid

SuccessThere have been many reasons speculated at the sophomore jinx, but many times it’s simply overconfidence of skills and actions needed to outperform their competition. Many times it’s laziness. People think that once they have achieved success that they have paid their dues. They think the world owes it to them that they continue to have success. They stop doing the things they did to succeed. They stop shooting the 100 free throws after every practice. They stop doing the extra sprints they did in the past. They stop building their contact list. They stop searching for business opportunities.

Success is not a destination. It is what a person does every day. To succeed, you need to develop patterns and actions that lead to success. You do these before you succeed. You succeed because you do these actions. The good news, is you two fold. You can become a comeback kid if your game has leveled off or gotten worse. Or you can recognize the successful habits you’ve attained need to continue. It’s in your own hands.

Do you have things that you’ve been successful at?
Do you recognize what it was that got you there?
Are you doing the same things?

I would love to hear your experiences. Do you have any comeback kid experiences or have you continued to be successful?